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How to Write an IT fresher resume

September 11, 2022 05:09PM Learn eTutorial

A resume is the most important thing for a fresher as they are new to the industry after learning from their universities. A resume will be the first impression that you are making with the company or a recruiter. A resume must be simple and elegant and must cover all your details, achievements, strengths, and weakness. Keep in mind that your resume will be short and neat so that anyone can understand your skills and abilities easily.

Though you do have not much experience in working, we will help you to make a good attractive resume that will help you to impress your recruiter.

Basics parts for writing the fresher resume

  • Select a good resume format
  • Add your contact information
  • Make an impressive headline for the resume
  • Make a worthy professional summary for your resume
  • Add your skills and projects completed
  • List your educational qualifications and worthy certifications
  • Check the grammar before sending it to the recruiter

Now we have to check each point in detail

Basics parts for writing the fresher resume

1. Select a Good Resume format

Selecting a model for the resume is one of the important steps for writing a resume we have to select any of the models which is more suitable for our experience and skills. The three types of resume formats are

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Hybrid
Select a Good Resume format

Chronological Resume format 

Commonly used by experienced professionals who concentrate and highlight their work experience. In chronological resume we write the experience in reverse order like first the company now working to the first company we start our career.


  • Easy to write the resume
  • Highlight the employment record and skills 
  • Employers can easily find the time and history of experience
  • Very familiar with the employers


  • Employers can easily find out the career gap
  • Skills cannot get much attention from the employers

It will be the best option for candidates who have highly relevant work experience.

Functional Resume format

It is also called a skill-based resume. It is based on the skills which the company or the recruiter needs and discards all the dates and places from the resume. 


  • Previous work experience will not have much importance in this resume
  • Concentrate and highlight the skills and abilities of the candidate


  • This type of resume is a little difficult for the recruiters, so they will not encourage this type of resumes
  • It neglects the work experience completely so it is not good for experienced candidates.

Hybrid or combinational Resume format

As the name suggests, this type of resume will have all the good qualities of the above two resumes (Chronological and Functional)


  • has equal and good importance for skills and work experience.
  • It gives much space for the keywords to add


  • It will show the gaps in the resume.
  • Work experience will be mostly on the second page

2. Add your contact information

Always try to add the details for contact like email and phone numbers that you use regularly. Never use any contact that will not be reachable. Add the following in the contact part

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Location
  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • Portfolio address if any
Select a Good Resume format

There is no need to add the full address in the resume that will make the resume big and clumsy. 

3. Make an impressive headline

Add a headline that must make the recruiter get interested to read the following of your resume. The header is the first impression so take time and add a headline that is positive and precise. (use positive words in the headline)

Select a Good Resume format

Make the header bold and a little large font size but use only a single type of font in the resume. The font must be professional. Use uppercase letters if needed in the header.

4. Make a Worthy professional summary

Summary will be the content that lasts in the recruiter's mind about you. Make a summary, which is a short paragraph with some bullet points that must be highlighting your skills and achievements. The summary must be related to the headline and it must convince the employer why they need you. 

Select a Good Resume format
  1. Add the best skills, achievements, and abilities you have.
  2. Add the certifications which are worth it for the company you are applying
  3. Add some keywords and positive words related to the job.

5. Add your skills and projects completed

In this section, you have to add the skills that you have that are relevant to the company. In this section, you can add the positives and negatives of you if you are a fresher. Keep in mind that never write any skills, or positives that you do not have. In addition, write the negatives in a positive way like discomfort while leaving a project unfinished. 

Also, add the projects you participated in and completed which is relevant and worthy if any. Add the project only if you know about them in detail and their implementation. 

Select a Good Resume format

6. List your educational qualifications and worthy certifications

This section will be showing your educational qualifications, certifications, and the awards that are relevant to the company you got if any. Add the educational qualifications as bullets that can be clearly understandable for an employer in the first look itself.

Add the educational qualification in the pattern like

  • Name of institution
  • Degree
  • University
  • Year of graduation
  • School location
  • Percentage scored
Select a Good Resume format

If you are a fresher you don’t have much experience to write in the resume so add the skills, awards, certifications, and extracurricular activities you did during the academic time which has high importance like work experience in the eyes of the employer. Keep in mind that never add simple and silly things in that section that will spoil your worth.

7. Check the grammar before sending it to the recruiter

Your ability in the language is one of the important criteria in the IT industry so please keep in mind that never ever make a grammar or spelling mistake in the resume which may get rejected by the employer without looking into it. 

There are many tools and websites available for checking the grammar and spelling before sending the resume to the company and always double-check the details and grammar before sending the resume. 

Hope you can able to make an impressive and professional resume. Please keep in mind that add only the important and worthy things and add the content that can impress the recruiter highlighted. 

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