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Why should we learn Golang -Is Learning GO programing language worth in 2022?

June 06, 2022 04:06AM Learn eTutorial

Before going to check the worth of the Go programming language, let us know about Golang. Go programming language was designed and developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007. Golang is open source, a lightweight, procedural programming language which is syntactically related to C language but has garbage collection, memory safety, etc.

In the current age, GO programming is making remarkable performance as it is marked as one of the fastest growing programming languages. It is widely used even in the tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Docker, and many more open-source projects. Golang has changed its popularity index from 65th position to 13th position within the last 2 years, in popular programming languages.

Golang is a greatly developed programming language that supports object-oriented programming but does not force to use the of GO programming. Golang has the class concept and the method of overloading. Golang is a programming language that makes complex architecture simple to implement and makes software development simple.

Learning GO programming will make you achieve high salary rates and it helps to get a high hourly rate for freelancers and even you can land in Google or other MNCs which are widely using GO programming. 

Let us check what all are the other important qualities of the Go programming language that make it worth learning in 2022.

Golang is simple and easy to learn

Go is simple with easy and small syntax, which can be easily learned by even a beginner. Go syntax has much resemblance with the C language, A basic knowledge of C or JAVA will make the GO programming syntax easy and simple to learn. GO programming has only very less documentation and that too is easily and widely available. 

Golang has only simple and fewer features and syntax, which has only fewer combinations available to get work done so that it is less complex to learn and apply to code. This simplicity will make Google hire freshers so that they can be molded into GO programmers.

GO is a fast-growing language

GO is designed and developed in 2007 only so it is relatively a new programming language. It has more wide and latest libraries that can be worth it for developers. Golang is a fast-growing language that is used in many multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and many more. Mastering Go programming can help you to reach such companies. Within 2 years, the Go programming language has reached 13th position from its 65th position in programming languages popularity. 

Golang offers a wide opportunity to beginners. It offers an average salary of $10000 annum and even it offers a good hourly rate for freelancers.

Go offers Concurrency

Many programming languages are very slow in execution and support for multithread is very limited. Google designed Golang as a solution to concurrency problems. Golang is free from performance issues, deadlocks, concurrent execution, etc. 

Golang supports concurrency and multithreading using lightweight threads called goroutines that are managed in execution time in Go programming. It uses high memory optimization using the extensible stack, which uses the memory allocation only if needed. Goroutines have their own systems for communications while sharing the resources so that developers can avoid the mutex locking.

Go is good for Networking

GO programming has many libraries, which can make connections with other libraries and can use many functions. Golang is very useful in the networking programming field like TCP or HTTP server-side programming at its production.

With Go programming, we can use our protocols and it has a lot of the latest libraries like Netconf and ssh which can be used with the network to make a great experience. 

Go Package systems

GO is a new programming language, which has a good and correctly organized packaging system. A package is nothing but a directory that stores the source code and the dependencies and other packages. Packages help to get a clear understanding of the dependencies and make good management of dependencies.

Go programming packages are similar to C/C++ or JAVA packages but more perfect and good management. 

Go had the best standard libraries

Golang has a wide range of library support and offers you a wide range of functions and packages that help the developers to handle input and output functions, encoding, networking, parsing, debugging easily, and help in handling data types. I also support the testing and no need for extra dependencies for that.

Golang is easy to maintain

While developing the Golang language the developers remove many features that object-oriented languages use nowadays such as inheritance, dynamic libraries, constructors, annotations, generics, etc that make the Go programing language easy to maintain and code.

Golang is fast

Golang is a statically compiled language, which makes the execution time very short for the Go programming language. In the case of an interpreted language like java, it needs a virtual machine to convert the code into machine language that the machine can understand so that the execution time will be fast. In the case of Golang, the execution of code is close to the lower-level language so that the execution is fast while it provides an interface like a high-level language.

Golang is open source

Golang is an open-source language which means there will be a huge quantity of tools available in the Go programming language. Tools available in Golang for documentation, lookup, generate code, memory outline, etc. also a number of editors and plugins are available in the Go programming language.

Golang Supports Cloud-native

Golang supports cloud-native development and cloud machine can run Golang code, which is used in DevOps also.

Study Golang and achieve high future GOOD LUCK!

Let us begin our journey together with “Learn eTutorials” to become gophers. Through the series of simple and in-depth tutorials from “Learn eTutorials “you are going to write some Go codes from scratch to an advanced level. Anyone without a strong programming base can start Go coding with Learn e tutorials to develop a strong foundation to become software programmers with expertise in their field.

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