C fabs()

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double fabs(double x); #where x should be in double


fabs() Parameters:

The fabs() function takes a single parameter in double. In case to find the absolute value of integer or float we can explicitly convert the number to double.

Parameter Description Required / Optional
double value whose absolute value need to be find Required

fabs() Return Value

The return value of fabs() function is a number in double.

Input Return Value
double value absolute value(in double)

Examples of fabs()

Example 1: Working of fabs() function in C?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main()
    double k, output;

    k = -3.70;
    output = fabs(k);
    printf("The |%.2lf| =  %.2lf\n", k, output);

    k = 9.20;
    output = fabs(k);
    printf("The |%.2lf| =  %.2lf\n", k, output);

    k = 0.10;
    output = fabs(k);
    printf("The |%.2lf| =  %.2lf\n", k, output);

    return 0;



The |-3.70| =  3.70
The |9.20| =  9.20
The |0.10| =  0.10

Example 2: How fabs() function worked in C?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main () {
   int x, y;
   x = 4325;
   y = -122;
   printf("Absolute value of %d is %lf\n", x, fabs(x));
   printf("Absolute value of %d is %lf\n", y, fabs(y));


Absolute value of 4325 is 4325.000000
Absolute value of -122 is 122.000000