Cyber Security Standards

February 5, 2022, Learn eTutorial

Cyber security is more complex and critical nowadays and it is needed explicit measures and properly written standards for the proper implementation of security measures. This set of measures and written rules are called cyber security standard that has to follow while making a cyber-security system.

This set of rules and measures includes all the norms, methods, and guidelines needed for implementing a security system. It helps to make the security system simple and easy to implement but with high efficiency and interoperability with less complexity. 

Security standard has a wide range of goals but the main aim is to improve the security measures that are capable of protecting the network devices and the systems operating in cyberspace. It also helps to seek advice and interoperability with other security organizations and helps in making a standard in buying any security products.

According to the security standards, all organizations irrespective of their size may be big or small firms should follow the security standards to ensure security in cyberspace. It has all the details of each component in the security system.

Cyber security Standards

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISO is a worldwide non-governmental organization, which helps in making an international standard in the methods, services, devices, and processes in cyber security. This helps in creating a standard in import and export of devices and services and makes the computers safe and efficient. 

ISO is formulated on 23 February 1947, which consists of around 160 national bodies and above 700 technical committees around the world to make a decision and to create the standards. Till today the ISO has published over 2000 standards that are internationally accepted and also the documents for every industry to apply safety measures. 

ISO 27000 Series

As the risk of cyber-attacks is increasing day by day there is a need for an international standard to protect the organization and its sensitive data from the hackers who are waiting for a loophole in the security system.

ISO 27000 series is a family of rules and standards that are internationally accepted which makes a strong framework to protect the organization and data from cyber-attacks. ISO 27000 series is developed and designed by the international organization for standardization and the International Electro-technical Commission. ISO 27000 series helps to protect the data, employees, and privacy of the organization from cybercriminals.

Types of standards or rules in the ISO 27000 series are 

  1. ISO 27001: helps in improving ISMS
  2. ISO 27002: provide rules for organization information security standards
  3. ISO 27000: describe the terms in ISO 27001
  4. ISO 27005: Provide rules for implementing information security 
  5. ISO 27032: focus on cyber security
Cyber security Standards


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is an international standard, which is mainly effective in payment gateway providers who are storing the user name and card details for the payment transactions. 

Following this standard is necessary for such organizations that do payment gateway service providers. It suggests that the organizations who store the data must check their security systems at regular intervals for any malicious activity and the system must be up to date. The major banks and financial institutions around the world like MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express, developed this international standard, etc.

Cyber security Standards


HIPAA is the set of rules or standards, which are applicable in hospitals and health insurance. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance and Accountability Act. It states that the patient details and the data related to them are to be secure without having a chance to get access to a cyber-criminal. 
It mentions that each hospital or health insurance firm must have a strong cyber security team and data security systems must be up to date. It suggests checking the quarterly reports for any malicious activity and all transactions must be encrypted and so on. 

Cyber security Standards


FINRA is the short form of financial industry Regulatory Authority. FINRA contains a set of rules and standards that are applicable to financial institutions, which are handling huge amounts of funds or transactions.

This standard suggests that the system that is used in dealing with the funds and transactions must be secure and up to date. This system must be highly secured and must have a team to make sure all the security vulnerabilities in the system. It also mentions taking strong measures to protect the sensitive information of the users and transactions. All the organizations doing financial activities must comply with the FINRA


GDPR is the short form of General Data Protection Regulation. A standard mentions the general protection of user data and its importance. The government of Europe defined this standard, which mentions that the data of the users must be protected from unauthorized access and manipulation. It suggests the methods to follow while sharing the data without being affected by cyber-attacks.

Patent Law

Patent law is for the protection rights of new inventions. Patent law suggests that no one is allowed to create, sell or use the new invention without the concern of the patent owner. In older times patent law is applicable to inventions like circuits, car engines, etc but now the patent is applicable for business, coding, algorithms, even for an idea. 
In general, a patent can be given to an invention if

  1. Not a natural thing
  2. New
  3. Useful
  4. Not obvious


IPR stands for Intellectual property Rights which is a right that is given to the creators or the owners of a new invention or creativity like an image or a song. This law states that the owner has all the rights to use his creativity and no one else has the right to use that object without the owner’s permission. IPR rights are coming under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 27.

Cyber security Standards

Cloud Security Alliance CSA

It is a security establishment, which works as a non-profitable organization that continuously research and publish the methods in security that help to prevent all type of cyber-attacks related to cloud technology.

Besides these standards, each country has its own specific laws and standards in cyber security to protect the data and the network devices.