Types Of Cyber Security Threats

January 14, 2022, Learn eTutorial

As we discussed, cyber-attacks are increasing day by day and it is estimated around 6 trillion US dollars will be lost in cyber-attacks by the year 2021. Strengthening cyber security and cyber laws are the only way to reduce this kind of loss.

At this time, it is hard to think of a day without the internet, not only entertainment but also financial, economic and even medical fields will be dependent on the internet. Can you imagine a day without a smartphone; the answer will be a NO for most of us. Modern generation is fully dependent on the internet so a strategic and well-designed method is needed for cyber security.

In this tutorial, we are discussing five major types of cyber security that help users and organizations be safe from cyber criminals and their attacks.

Critical Infrastructure Cyber security

This cyber security method is used for the systems and the networks that have critical infrastructure. These systems and networks are very important for the public as the public mostly depend upon them in their day-to-day activities. For example, traffic lights, Electricity, water supply, cameras in shopping malls, hospitals etc. Cyber criminals will attack these systems to get a point to enter into the network for attacking other systems in that network.

For controlling such cyber attacks on critical infrastructure the organization who works behind these systems and network must check the weak points in their systems and network where the intruder can enter. Also installs intrusion detection and prevention software.

Network Security

The Internet is a network of networks, we can have a public network, what we call the internet and there will be a private network that will be inside an organization. Network security help to secure the organization network from cyber attackers, and malwares.

We know we are accessing different websites for different needs from an organization or personal. The attackers are looking for a chance to get intrude inside a organization and steal the sensitive information.

Another example is the websites that using different cookies that may be even from a third party for their business but will make the users be targeted for frauds and sexual exploitation.

To tackle such situations, the organization must have installed security mechanisms, intrusion detection, a good firewall, and gateway for accessing public networks from the internal network of the organization. Also they must employ a good network professional and can ask for help from ethical hackers.

To upgrade the cyber security in a organization we can have these following

  1. Extra logins
  2. Password change at intervals
  3. Use a antivirus
  4. Install a good firewall
  5. Private mode browsing
  6. Monitor all the internet activities
  7. Use a good encryption

Cloud Security

We know the next revolution is in AI. And many companies have already started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their operation which helps to improve their business in different aspects like high performance and good customer satisfaction. The issue is the huge amount of data and its maintenance is not an easy task for an organization as it is able to store such huge data in physical form and securely in the organization. Another problem with this huge amount of data is the authenticity of every data cannot be proved so there will be risk of cyber-attack.

To tackle such a situation the cloud storage is introduced which will be fast and secure; also, it can store any amount of data. Cloud systems have their own security measures and tools that make the data secure.


Internet of Things Security


A number of machines and devices are connected through internet and can be used through internet, which is termed as IoT, or Internet of Things. Iot will be the next revolution in the IT sector. With the help of proper cyber security measures IoT can offer wide range of devices and services to the users.

The major threat in implementing IoT is the risk from the cyber attackers. The scientist are trying to integrate the cyber security system to IoT systems also with many embedded system to assure the security.

Application Security

There are different users who are using a wide range of applications. We secured the network and system and we can't leave the application security. Many cyber attackers and malwares are attacking a user from the application and even stealing data from the applications.

Application security states that different security measures must be taken to protect the application and the user data using hardware and software while developing the application. With the application security, the companies are able to find the sensitive data and secure them.

Following are application security methods that organization implements

  1. Firewall
  2. Antivirus
  3. Encryption

Other types of cyber security are

Information security

It is for the keeping the privacy and integrity of data by installing strong mechanisms for storing and transport of sensitive data.

Operational security

This security is involved in the operation of dealing the data assets. It involves the decision making tool.

Mobile security

Nowadays most of the data is on portable devices like smartphones or tablets or like other devices. Mobile security is involved in securing the mobile data from malicious attacks. Like stealing or unauthorized access etc.