Data Science

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Data science is a field of study that involves extracting insights from vast amounts of data using a variety of scientific methods, algorithms, and processes and it also helps to discover the hidden patterns in raw data.   Data science is an interdisciplinary field where knowledge can be extracted from structured or unstructured data. With data science, you can turn a business problem into a research project and then turn it back into a working solution. . Data science uses complex machine learning algorithms to create predictive models. The data used for analysis comes from different sources and is displayed in different formats.

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In this tutorial we are going to learn the basics of data science: 

  • What do you mean by data science?  
  • Why Data Science? 
  • Data Science Components  
  • Data Science Processes 
  • Data Science Job Roles
  • Data Science Tools  
  • Differences Between Data Science and BI (Business Intelligence)   
  • Data Science Applications   and many more