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Top Data science Jobs Roles

May 17, 2022, Learn eTutorial

Top Data science Jobs  Roles
  1. Data Scientist

    Data scientists mainly find out hidden patterns and useful insights from the data. They mainly analyze the raw data and handle them very well. In order to extract useful insights, they use various statistical procedures. Both structured and unstructured information are handled very well by skilled data scientists.

  2. Data engineer 

    Data scientists need big data pipelines and models to work upon. Data engineers are the ones who will help data scientists to build data pipelines and models. Managing, maintaining, and testing data models are also done by a data engineer.

    Essential requirements for a data engineer  1. Knowledge of database models  2. Knowledge of ETL
  3. Data architect

    They will organize and manage both macro and microdata. The blueprints of a company’s data platform are implemented by a data architect. 

    Tools used by a data architect   XML  SQL Hive Spark Pig
  4. Data science manager

    Data science projects are handled and managed by a data science manager. They are responsible for executing all of their plans and submitting the outcome before the deadline. In order to guide the teammates, a data science manager should have good communication skills and very good leadership qualities.

  5. Machine learning engineer(ML engineer)

    In order to extract meaningful information from the large amount of data that is given, the Ml engineers will write programs and develop Algorithms. They should be very familiar with machine learning algorithms.

  6. Decision scientists

    With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, a decision scientist helps the company to make appropriate business decisions.

  7. Statistician

    They will identify various trends in the market using a statistical model. Tools used by a statistician  R, python, SQL  SAS ,SPSS Matlab Statsa

  8. Data Analyst

    They are the people who collect as well as interpret data to solve a particular problem.