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Python complex()

The complex function can be used in two ways in python. Two numbers can be given as parameters and the function returns a complex number. It can also be used to convert a string to a complex number

complex(real, imaginary) #where real is the real part and imaginary is imaginary part of the complex number

complex() Parameters:

The complex function can take numbers as parameter and can create a complex number from it. It can also take a well formed string in the format of a complex number and can return correspondijng complex number

Parameter Description Required / Optional
real Default 0, the real part of complex number Required
imaginary The imaginary part of the complex number Optional
String If a well formed string is passed, it will be a single mandatory parameter and will be converted to a complex number. See Example 2 Optional

complex() Return Value

The return value will always be a complex number.

Input Return Value
None 0j
Real part only Complex number with real part given and imaginary 0
Real and imaginary part Complex number with real and imaginary as given
A string in complex number format Corresponding complex number

Examples of complex() method in Python

Example 1: Passing Numbers as parameter

x = complex(3.5, 5.8) 



Example 2: Passing string as parameter

x = complex('1+j')