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Python delattr()

The delattr() function takes an object as a parameter and removes an attribute from the object.

delattr(object, name) #where name is the name of attribute

delattr() Parameters:

The function takes as a parameter an object, the attribute which is to be deleted can be passed as an optional parameter.

Parameter Description Required / Optional
An object The object from which the attribute to be deleted Required
Attribute The name of attribute to be removed Optional

delattr() Return Value

The delattr() function doesn't return anything. It only removes the attribute from the object

Examples of delattr() method in Python

Example 1: Removing an attribute from an object

class Student:
name = "Ram" age = 22
course = "Bachelors"
Student1 = Student()
delattr(Student, 'age') #Removing age attribute
print("Student's name is ",Student 1.name) 
print("Student's country is ",Student 1.country)
print("Student's age is ",Student 1.age) # Raises error since age is not found



Student's name is John 
Student's country is Norway
AttributeError: 'Student' object has no attribute 'age'

Example 2: How delattr() works?

class Coordinate:
  x = 20
  y = -15
  z = 0

value1 = Coordinate() 

print('x = ',value1.x)
print('y = ',value1.y)
print('z = ',value1.z)

delattr(Coordinate, 'z')

print('--After deleting z attribute--')
print('x = ',value1.x)
print('y = ',value1.y)

# Raises Error
print('z = ',value1.z)


x =  20
y =  -15
z =  0
--After deleting z attribute--
x =  20
y =  -15
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python", line 19, in 
AttributeError: 'Coordinate' object has no attribute 'z'