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Python copy()

The copy() function in python helps to return a shallow copy of the given list. Here the shallow copy means any changes made in the new list won’t reflect the original list.

list.copy() #where list in which needs to copy

copy() Parameters:

The copy() function doesn't take any parameter. The list can be copied by using the '=' operator also. By copying in this way the issue is that, if we modify the copied new list it will affect the original list also because the new list referring to the same original list object.

copy() Return Value

This method returns a new list by copying the original list. It doesn't make any changes to the original list.

Input Return Value
if list shallow copy of list

Examples of copy() method in Python

Example 1: How to copying a List?

# mixed list
org_list = ['abc', 0, 5.5]

# copying a list
new_list = org_list.copy()

print('Copied List:', new_list)


Copied List: ['abc', 0, 5.5]

Example 2:How to copy List using slicing syntax?

# shallow copy using the slicing syntax

# mixed list
org_list = ['abc', 0, 5.5]

# copying a list using slicing
new_list = org_list[:]

# Adding an element to the new list

# Printing new and old list
print('Original List:', org_list)
print('New List:', new_list)


Original List: ['abc', 0, 5.5]
New List: ['abc', 0, 5.5,'def']