R Program to find sum of natural numbers

February 5, 2023, Learn eTutorial

How to find the sum of natural numbers?

Natural numbers are the whole numbers that occur naturally from 1 to n. these are also called cardinal numbers because they are used for counting. we can calculate the sum of natural numbers by


How sum of natural numbers is implemented in R Program?

We are using readline() function for taking the user's input. In this R program, we accept the user's values into n by providing an appropriate message to the user using 'prompt'. We can use a while loop to iterate until the number becomes zero. In each iteration, add the number n to the sum. This total sum is given as output.


STEP 1: prompting appropriate messages to the user

STEP 2: take user input using readline() into variables n

STEP 3: use while loop to iterate until the n becomes zero.

STEP 4: in each iteration, we add the number n to sum as sum = sum + n

STEP 5: set n = n - 1

STEP 6: print the sum as output


R Source Code

                                          n = as.integer(readline(prompt = "Enter a number: "))
if(n< 0) {
print("Enter a positive number")
} else {
sum = 0
# use while loop to iterate until zero
while(n > 0) {
sum = sum + num
n = n - 1
print(paste("The sum of numbers up to the given limit is", sum))


Enter a number: 10
[1] "The sum of numbers up to the given limit is 55"