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Top programming languages to learn in 2023

March 01, 2023 10:03AM Learn eTutorial

Best programming languages worth learning for future

Programming started a long time and it is continuously evolving to achieve more development that a human can't able to imagine. In the 1990s programming was just basic and it is used for creating simple programs and software. Now, programming has reached the heights of Artificial intelligence and Robotics. Now the world is going to redefine itself in the field of technology as VR and AI with ML are going to change the face of technology with inventions that a man in the 1990s can't even imagine. 

Now, most of the work (autopilot, chatGPT, Assistant robots, etc.) that needs human intervention is now done the machines with help of ML and AI.

The basis of all these types of inventions is programming and the languages that we know in the early periods are still suing but we have many other more user-friendly languages now in use, which one is a good language old or new? This question has now a proper answer as both have their own good and bad. So which language do we have to learn for a good career in future is the question?

Here we are discussing some languages that will have high demand in the future and in the coming years. Let us check which languages will be worth learning in the future.  

Programming Languages

Programming starts with machine language. which is a binary format that includes only ‘0’s and ‘1’s. Now, most of the machines can read only binary language and we have to convert the high languages to binary using the compiler and assembler.

When time flies, the need for more complex machines and more complex programming emerges, and then high-level programming languages come in to picture. The high-level programming language will be

  1. Independent of the platform
  2. Close to human language
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Needs a compiler
  5. Machine independent

What are the types of programming languages?

When high-level programming language comes into the scene, there come many methods of how the programming is done. We can divide programming languages into five types.

History Programming Languages
  1. Procedural oriented language: It has a well-defined structure and procedure to write a program. Example: C, FORTRAN, Pascal, etc.
  2. Functional-oriented language: In functional-oriented language, more importance is on functions and the expression and declaration for example lambda calculus is the foundation of functionally-oriented language.
  3. Object-oriented language: Object-oriented language is based on objects and class. Every function is written in a class, which can be called repeatedly by its object name. It gives the features like class, inheritance, encapsulation, etc. example: Java, C++, Python, etc.
  4. Scripting language: It is mainly used in web applications, games, and multimedia. It uses the interpreter instead of the compiler, doing the conversion in runtime.
  5. Logic Programming language: it is the latest language, which includes AI. 

Which language is good to study in 2023?

Now you know the programming languages, and will be in a dilemma that which programming language to study.

We here describe the best and most popular programming languages and describe why they attained that position and how much difficult to study which job opportunity.

1. Python

We prefer python is coming up strong in modern programming because of the wide range of applicability and close to the human language. Python is a scripting language and it is used in 2D and 3D animation software like blender, web applications, creating games, and popular websites like Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
Difficulty in learning: 2 out of 5
Job opportunity: 4 out of 5

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Python Programming Language


  1. Commonly used
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Simple
  4. Readable to all
  5. Wide applicability
  6. Open-source
  7. Easy integration
  8. Easy to develop

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2 . JAVA

Java is a very popular language, which works in object-oriented concepts. Java is simple and powerful which makes it one of the best languages for gaining a good role as a programmer. Java is highly stable and has many library functions.

Java is used in various enterprise-level software and as a base of android development. Java will give you many opportunities and will help to climb the ladder to reach high in programming.

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Difficulty to learn: 3.5 out of 5
Job opportunity: 4 out of 5

Java Programming Languages


  1. A lot of open-source libraries
  2. Object-oriented concept
  3. Automatic memory allocation
  4. Has stack allocation
  5. Support multithreading
  6. Highly secure
  7. Wide range of applicability

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3. JavaScript (JS)

Javascript is a front-end programming language, which is used in web applications and websites. Almost all startups and web development companies use JS for interactive design and functionalities. Node JS is a widely used JS environment in many companies and startups. With thorough knowledge of JS, it will be easy to build a good Career.

JS is also used for server-side scripting to fetch the pages when the user requests.

Difficulty in Learning : 4 out of 5
Job Opportunity         : 5 out of 5


Pros :

  1. JS is very fast and it doesn’t need a compiler.
  2. Versatile
  3. Provide rich looks to web applications
  4. Can integrate with any other language
  5. Simple implementation

C / C++

C is one of the most primitive and widely used procedure-oriented programming languages. With a thorough base in C, we can learn any language easily. Most of the programming languages are derived from or have a resemblance to C/C++. The pointer concept in c makes it unique and highly usable till in 2021. Most of the file systems and operating systems use the C/C++ language.

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Difficulty in Learn : 3 out of 5
Job opportunity    : 2.5 out of 5 

C Programming Languages

Pros :

  1. Lots of compilers to work in C
  2. Faster execution 
  3. Basis of all programming language
  4. High portability
  5. Easy debugging
  6. Rich library functions
  7. Easy to understand

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5. R Language

R is widely used by statisticians and data mining peoples, because of the point that R language is graphics supported. R language is used in data analysis and machine learning. R language is a future programming language, which has a lot of scopes and very little competition. R language has many libraries, which help to make strong algorithms.

Difficulty in learning  : 3.5 out of 5
Job opportunity         : 4 out of 5[It is a future language and its scope is growing every day]

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R Programming Languages

Pros :

  1. Run on any Operating system
  2. Open-source language
  3. Extensible language
  4. Has powerful framework

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6. Swift Language

Swift is a programming language, which is used by IOS (apple). Swift is backed by IOS and it gives you a lot of opportunities and freelance offers to develop IOS applications. It is an upcoming language and it is very strong. IOS has a lot of market share, which gives many job offers. The R language is easy to learn and master.

Difficulty in Learning  : 3 out of 5
Job opportunity           : 4 out of 5


Pros :

  1. Backed by apple
  2. Easy to add a feature
  3. Highly readable
  4. Very fast
  5. No memory leaks

7.  PHP

PHP is a simple programming language used by website programming. It is used to connect the website frontend and backend. PHP is simple and easy to learn which makes it widely accepted. PHP is free and open-source, which is used by many companies and startups, which make many job offers.

Difficulty in learning : 2 out of 5
Job opportunity        : 4 out of 5

PHP Programming Languages

Other languages in the queue are GO, HTMLC#FlutterScalaRuby, etc

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8. Golang

Golang is an open-source programming language which is created at Google by three people who are Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in 2007. Golang is a simple statically typed procedural-oriented language that has some features of an Object-oriented Programming language. Go language is similar to C programming with memory management, garbage collection, etc. 
Advantages of Golang

  1. It is fast in the compilation
  2. It is simple to learn
  3. It is highly user friendly
  4. Good collection of tools and built-in functions
  5. Go does not support functions that are generic
  6. Supports garbage collection 
  7. Has good error handling 
  8. It has Concurrency support

Why learn GO

  • Go is widely used in Google and it makes a chance for you to land in a dream company like Google by mastering GOlang. Also, Golang is 
  • used in cloud computing, 
  • artificial intelligence
  • data science
  • utility software
  • web services, etc

Ready to learn Go programming language or test your skills with some real-world programs? Click here to check out our Go tutorials and programs and start coding today! 


Kotlin is a statically typed high-level programming language which is developed by JetBrains. Kotlin was first introduced in 2011 and is made to operate closely with Java and JVM environments. Around a major portion of android, developers are using kotlin and which is sponsored by Google, which makes it good for your career.  

Advantages of Kotlin

  • It needs less code
  • It can able to solve many challenges that developer faces
  • Changing to Kotlin is easy
  • It has a strong support and community
  • It is safer than other languages
  • Kotlin supports development in multi-platform 


We describe the languages which are good for getting a job offer and easy to learn and make a good living. As we know, that technology is growing so fast. You have to decide which area is your interest, select a language in that area, and master it before making a profile.

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