Start Learning Golang

Go is a powerful open-source programming language that is very impressive and modernly designed. Go is termed a next-generation programming language also referred to as Golang. Go is developed by Google. The development of Go began in the year 2007 as an internal Google project. The original designers of Go are Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Golang is natively compiled i.e. Go tool can run the file directly without a virtual machine. Go uses static typing with excellent support to networking and concurrency. A special feature about Golang is anyone who is a beginner level programmer in the initial phase of writing code or an advanced level programmer who is being in the programming world with years of experience will love Golang.

Let us begin our journey together with “Learn eTutorials” to become gophers. A lot of languages are developed like java, python,c++, but still, most of them do not utilize the true power of the cloud infrastructure like web applications, databases, network programming, etc. This is one of the reasons why Golang is getting popular. Through the series of simple and in-depth tutorials from “Learn eTutorials “you are going to write some Go codes from scratch to an advanced level. Anyone without a strong programming base can start Go coding with Learn e tutorials to develop a strong foundation to become software programmers to expertise in their field.

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