Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given rapid changes in the technological world. It has become a major area of computer science that cannot be denied at all. All of us had a general concept of human-like robots with intelligence that can completely replace the human workforce as depicted in Hollywood movies. Is that the reality? Our technology doesn’t reach that level till now.

Basically, the term AI is used to describe anything done by a manmade machine with intelligence. The computer learns to respond to several actions through different algorithms and data and performs actions such as decision-making, speech recognition, image recognition, translation, etc. AI is the method that makes a machine act like a human. AI is now rapidly changing our world for the better through certain new jobs, Delivering health care, Bridging language divides, etc. Knowing or unknowing we are dealing with AI in our daily life. Today every industry has a high demand for AI advantage including health care, Retail, Manufacturing, Life science, Banking, the Public sector, etc. AI Helps and makes us better at what we are doing.

AI is not at all a single area it is a broad field of study which includes many theories, methods, technologies, and several subfields and is extra complicated to deal with.

learn eTutorials offering you a smooth and easy platform to get a detailed idea about this much complicated and amazing technology in a simple way adaptable for both a simple student and for a graduate also. This tutorial provides you an opportunity to get a good sense of the area of artificial intelligence in just one click away. 
You will get an idea on:

  • What is AI?
  • How AI is categorized?
  • How AI receives input and delivers output?
  • How did AI respond to the changing situation?
  • How can we test the intelligence of a system?
  • Which are the algorithms used to perform different tasks?