Start Learning Machine Learning

Till now only humans can learn from the experience and the data and can able to make decisions with respect to the data and the surroundings. We have the computers that will work with our instruction set. All the instructions are hardcoded to a computer called a program for their proper working.

Now, what is a computer itself can able to learn from the data and the environment and able to take decisions with respect to data. In addition, what if a computer system can improve by itself according to the data; we already achieved it using Machine Learning.

Machine learning comes under Artificial Intelligence AI. A machine that able to analyze and learn from the provided data and can make decisions or answers according to the data.

Arthur Samuel gives the term Machine language in 1959.

By using sample data from a huge dataset called training data, the machine learning algorithms can able to build models that help to provide decisions without programming it. Machine learning algorithms can learn from the data and they can improve themselves to make it more accurate and efficient.