Why Machine Learning?

August 23, 2021, Learn eTutorial

Machine learning technology is advancing rapidly, and several software products are built on machine learning platforms. However, machine learning is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why Machine learning

Humans have the ability to make decisions and they can solve complex tasks, But in some scenarios, humans cannot be able to do the task such as navigation to unknown areas, weather forecast, and some dynamic scenarios. In such cases, we need the help of machines to make decisions and solve complex tasks to help humans.

In the case of humans, it is a very complex and time-consuming task to analyze a huge amount of data and there will be a lot of human error while analyzing the data, this scenario also makes the need for machine learning.

For the machines to take decisions in AI, Machine learning and Deep learning will help to analyze the huge amount of data and to find some patterns or categories that will help to make decisions, such decisions are called data-driven decisions.

Data-driven decisions are very helpful in automation, which will increase the speed of solving a complex task with more accuracy and error-free.

Using Machine learning, we can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the system.

Why Machine learning

In machine learning, we are providing a huge amount of data to the machine learning algorithm to train it. It will analyze the data, make a model with respect to the data, and predict the desired output. Using machine learning, we can save both a lot of effort and money.

In our modern world, a lot of applications are using machine learning which includes
1.    weather forecast
2.    share value prediction
3.    Self-driving cars
4.    Navigation
5.    Face detection
6.    Fraud detection
And a lot more…
We’ll explore what problems machine learning can solve, what it can’t solve, and discuss how to choose your machine learning tool of choice. 

Advantages of machine learning

Why Machine learning

Learning from data 

Machine learning can be used to analyze a huge amount of data to find some patterns or categories that will be a much difficult task for humans. For example, the recommended videos on Netflix and the recommended products in the e-commerce websites are using machine learning.

One of the main advantages of machine learning is that the model learns the trends within the data. In general, the more high-quality data we can provide an algorithm, the better it will perform over time. More data allows us to make predictions given new data or forecast into the future, given historical data. 

Easy to Automate

Using machine learning we are giving the machine to take decisions from the data so we don’t want to sit with every step with the algorithm. The algorithm uses and analyzes data and takes prediction depends on the data to improve their algorithms. Spam filters and Antivirus are examples, which learn from every threat.

Never-ending improvements

With machine learning, the algorithms are analyzing the data continue to make more accuracy and efficiency. The more data you supply, the algorithm will automatically get more and more improved. An example is the weather forecast, which will get more and more accurate predictions from the uneven supply of data.

Handle huge variety of data

Machine learning algorithms can handle a huge variety of data and can be used in dynamic decision scenarios.

Wide range of applicability

Machine learning can be used in various fields that include medical, weather, stocks, banks, and all other major areas. With machine learning, we can improve customer interaction a lot. Analyze and predict accurately from huge data can increase the business a lot.

Disadvantages of machine learning

Why Machine learning

Data Gathering

The machine learning models depend on the data which we provide, so the machine learning algorithm needs a huge amount of data that too must be accurate and good. This good dataset is needed to train the model

Time and Effort

Machine learning algorithms need a lot of time to analyze and train with the data to make the models with accuracy. Machine learning algorithms need a lot of power and resources (data) to work and develop.

Selection of machine learning algorithm

Machine learning needs an algorithm to be selected manually which is not a simple task. We have to select the algorithm after testing sample data and test data in every algorithm to choose the best one to get the best result. This manual process is very time-consuming and needs a lot of effort.

High probability of errors

Machine learning needs the selection of algorithms manually which we need to check the sample data in all the algorithms to select the best one. But there will be a high chance for error in training and testing that huge data, which will cause an error in the result which is not easy to rectify considering the amount


  • The advantages of using machine learning are that:
    • The algorithm gets better with more data.
    • Some statistics metrics let us measure how reliable the models are.
    • Each model has known strengths and weaknesses.
  • The disadvantages of using machine learning are that:
    • Non-linear models perform better but are harder to diagnose
    • It is also harder to determine how non-linear models make their predictions.
  • Several factors go into deciding what model to use. 
    • Linear models are more straightforward, more interpretable, and faster to train.
    • Non-linear models can capture non-linear trends, utilize larger datasets, and are more accurate with real-world data.