Start Learning Java

JAVA - is one of the most popular platform-independent object-oriented programming languages. It has proved its versatility by just celebrating its silver jubilee in 2020 upholding its position in the top tier without any dangle.  This showcases how unique and adaptable this language is. Now java has become a universal programming language.

For any learner, be it an absolute beginner or experienced developer, Java is worth learning because of its simplicity, robustness, and familiarity. If you are a newcomer in the world of programming,  you can undoubtedly choose Java as your first programming language because the English-like syntax of Java programs and the minimal usage of keywords make it easier for learning and understanding. You can begin with learning core Java and later move to Advanced Java topics. Those who already acquired basic programming knowledge( C and C++) can easily get along with java because of its flexible nature.


In upcoming tutorials, you will learn about java and its features but here now we will give you an insight into why you should learn java?

  • The first and foremost reason you should learn java is “JAVA IS EVERYWHERE”- on your desktop, on your mobile, on your digital cards, on your watch, etc. Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, eBay all these popular websites used java as their backbone. Now every technology is backed with Java which shows the significance of java in the current and future world.
  • The next reason why you should learn java is that “JAVA FOR EVERYTHING”- You need Java to develop basic apps, web applications, software tools like Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, etc and no less than to develop scientific applications, machine learning, and recently stepped into areas of Internet of Things(IoT) and cloud development. All these show up a wide opportunity that java offers to get employed or be employed.
  • Thirdly, “WRITE ONCE RUN EVERYWHERE”, is the powerful feature that endorsed the popularity of java back from its creation till today. This conveys that you can create an application in your system but you can either run it on your own system or you can distribute it across the network. This feature of java is named “PLATFORM INDEPENDENCE”.
  • Another reason you fall in love with this programming language is “JAVA IS FREE” - Java is an open-source programming language and so is absolutely free. You can start learning java or building applications in java free of cost and can utilize the wide array of open-source libraries as well.
  • Another quite interesting reason that makes java different from other languages is its “ROBUST COMMUNITY AND EXCELLENT DOCUMENTATION” - Java is well documented with detailed guides to the issues that arise while coding. If this is not enough you can seek support from well trusted and active communities who are ready to fix any troubles caused during programming or even to help new starters.

Through Learn eTutorials you will get a thorough understanding of Java language from fundamental concepts to advanced levels which will take you to another career path that you might not expect. This tutorial provides you an opportunity to learn Core Java,  free of cost with our 100+ simple and easy java programs and quizzes. Grasp all that you need in just one click.

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