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Best technologies to learn in software industry

May 07, 2021 08:05PM Learn eTutorial

As we know technology is never-ending, it is growing rapidly and with diversity. All companies are putting a lot of effort in their research and development for developing new technology so that they can earn more market share.

Best technologies

With each year the emergence of new technologies is in geometric progression, as we do not see such a fast emergence when we take a scenario of 10 years back.

If you want to stay in the software industry or interested to build a good career or you are interested in the software or technology area you have to know which are the trending technologies at this time. 

Understanding or studying the best technologies, which are trending now, will help you to build a good career and increase the job opportunity. We help you to understand some of the best and trending technologies now.


AI or Artificial Intelligence makes a system or a computer think like humans, which means we are adding the programs into the AI technology that uses it and take a decision after analyzing the data. With AI we can do complex tasks such a speech recognition, pattern recognition, weather forecast, game development, Auto driver, etc.

Artificial intelligence

Real facts about Artificial intelligence

  1. lot of applications use AI for working such as Uber, Netflix, Gps driving, Siri, IoT.
  2. Search engines like Google and Bing also using AI.
  3. In the near future, AI technology will create around 80 million jobs
  4. An expert AI programmer will get around $150000.

Some of the best companies using AI are

  1. Apple
  2. Amazon
  3. Microsoft,
  4. Google
  5. IBM
  6. Intel


Next is the data, you can just think the data is the next major thing in the modern technology world. We have to deal with many data every day such as accounting data, sales data, business data, etc. Data science is a technology, which makes this complicated data simple. 

Data Science

Data science is a wide area and it uses a lot of algorithms, tools, and methods to sort the useful knowledge from the complicated data collection. Mostly this data collection will be huge and unstructured, so we have to make it structured, and then we have to find any patterns, which will be helpful in getting some knowledge about that data.

Real facts about Data Science

  1. Approximately a data scientist will earn around 80000 dollars depends on the experience.
  2. It will be so easy to get a good career and job offers in data science technology.
  3. There is a shortage of data science engineers, which makes this a perfect job opportunity.

Roles in data science technology are

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Data Architect
  4. Data Engineer
  5. Intelligence manager


Machine learning is the next trending technology in the software industry it is highly related to AI and data science. With Machine learning, we can work with raw data by analyzing the data and check the patterns in the data for making decisions according to the patterns.

Machine learing

The applicability of Machine learning is from Siri to chatbots. it is used in self-driving cars and used in the analysis of data for various medical conditions of the patients. There is a huge surge, in those who are learning ML, and around 50 top most companies are planning to use ML for their activities.

Real Facts about Machine Learning

  1. An average salary of an ML engineer is around $100000
  2. A large number of startups and top companies are using ML now making a large number of job offers.
  3. Almost all software are using ML for giving recommendations for users like Netflix
  4. Machine learning engineer is one of the top 10 jobs in the US now


Everything that is connected to the internet refers to IoT in broad terms. IoT defines as the network of all the devices connected so that they can share the data and communicate with each other with help of an embedded chip in the devices.


IoT devices can share their environment and how they are used in that environment. With the help of IoT devices, you can use a device remotely like switch on the light or lock the car doors, etc. Everything connected to the internet is vulnerable so cybersecurity is very important in IoT.

Real facts about IoT

  1. In 2030 it is expected to have 75million IoT devices connected through the internet
  2. The average salary of an IoT specialist will cross $100000
  3. IoT will be the next boom on the internet, which makes many job offers.


We all know about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, which are the most trending and newsmaker in the 202. Blockchain is the base of almost all cryptocurrencies.

Artificial intelligence

Blockchain will create a record for each transaction done by every user that cannot be altered once it was added to the Blockchain. Blockchain act as an electronic ledger which records all the transactions. Once added transactions cannot be altered makes the Blockchain highly secure and trusty.
It also helps the companies to avoid the fee for the transactions it is a decentralized payment system. Every transaction is added as a block or node attached to the main chain which cannot be deleted or altered.

Real facts about Blockchain

  1. The average salary for a Blockchain expert is above $100000 
  2. Trending technology, which is creating a lot of jobs, offers.
  3. The business value of Blockchain will hit 3 trillion in 2030.
  4. Many top companies like IBM, Facebook, and Google started working on Blockchain.


Information a word that is very valuable in this century. Every big and small companies need user information and they have to handle the user information very securely. When a data breach happens it will be a nightmare for these companies and for the users too. 

Artificial intelligence

According to the information gathered, there is a huge increase in data breach attacks. There comes the importance of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a never-ending job, which needs more and more talents to keep it secure.

According to the data available, there will be a gap between the demand for Cybersecurity experts and the available number of experts. It will be a good opportunity if you have knowledge of Cybersecurity.

Real facts about Cybersecurity

  1. The average salary of a Cybersecurity expert will cross $80000
  2. There is a huge number of job offers in Cybersecurity.
  3. The top 5 paying jobs in the software industry are in Cybersecurity.
  4. Cybersecurity-related crimes are increasing every year.


These are the 6 top technologies that are trending and have a big future scope in the software industry. That doesn’t mean these are only the technologies that have future scope in the software industry. 
In our point of view the other technologies, which may have good future scope in the software industry, are
1.    Virtual reality
2.    Cloud Computing
3.    Mobile development
4.    Robotics
5.    Quantum computing
6.    5G technology
7.    Intelligent Process Automation
8.    Internet of Behaviors
9.    Edge Computing
We will analyze these technologies and write about them in the future.


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