C Program to find average of two largest numbers in the array list

February 18, 2022, Learn eTutorial

How to find the largest two numbers and their average?

In this c program, we need to calculate the largest of the two numbers from the input of 4 digits. After finding the 2 largest numbers, we need to calculate the sum of the two largest numbers. Finally, divide the sum by two to get the average of two numbers.

How to find the largest and average logic implemented in C

The logic used in this C program is to put the elements in an Array, and then we assign the 'L1' as an Array first element and 'L2' as Array second element. Compare the 'L1' and 'L2' using the 'if 'condition, if 'L2' is Larger than 'L1', then Swap the values of 'L1' and 'L2' using a temp variable.

Compare 'L1' with the Third element; if that is greater than 'L1', change 'L1' to 'L2' and Third element as 'L1'. If the Third is greater than 'L2' make the Third element as 'L2' after that loop, we get 'L1' and 'L2' as the Largest and Second Largest element of the Array. We sort the Array we have to take the Sum of 'L1' and 'L2' and divide the sum with 2 to find the Average.


STEP 1: Import the Header files into the C program to use the built-in functions.

STEP 2: Initialize and Define the Array and other variables in the program.

STEP 3: Accept the numbers from the user and add that numbers into an Array using scanf and for loop.

STEP 4: Display the Array using for loop and printf.

STEP 5: Assume and Assign the first two elements of the Array to L1 and L2

STEP 6: Using an 'if' condition check L1 is greater than L2

STEP 7: If not, Swap the value of L1 and L2 using a Temp variable.

STEP 8: Open a for loop from 2 to max value increment by checking the Largest element.

STEP 9: Check if the Array's third element is Larger than L1, then Swap L2 as L1 and L1 as Array third element.

STEP 10: Else if the Array third element is Greater than L2, then swap L2 as Array third element.

STEP 11: Finally, after Iteration of for loop, we have the Largest element in L1 and L2, then add L1 and L2 and Divide it with 2 to get Average. 

STEP 12: Print the Average using the printf in the C programming language.

C Source Code

                                          #include <stdio>
#include <conio>
#define MAX 4

void main() {
  int a[MAX], i, l1, l2, temp; /* declares array and variables */
  printf("Enter %d integer numbers\n", MAX);
  for (i = 0; i < MAX i = 0; xss = removed xss = removed xss = removed xss = removed xss = removed i = 2; i >= l1) /* comparing and interchanging the values in the array to get l1 and l2 as largest */ {
    l2 = l1;
    l1 = a[i];
  } else if (a[i] > l2) {
    l2 = a[i];
printf("\n%d is the first largest\n", l1); /* displays the value of l1 and l2 in the array */
printf("%d is the second largest\n", l2);
printf("\nAverage of ?nd %d = %d\n", l1, l2, (l1 + l2) / 2); /* calculate and display the average of the two numbers  */



Enter 4 integer numbers

Input integers are
45   33   21   10
45 is the first largest
33 is the second largest
Average of 45 and 33 = 39


Enter 4 integer numbers

Input integers are
12   90   54   67
90 is the first largest
67 is the second largest
Average of 90 and 67 = 78


Enter 4 integer numbers

Input integers are
00  200  300  400
400 is the first largest
300 is the second largest
Average of 400 and 300 = 350