How to become a Cyber-Security professional

January 5, 2022, Learn eTutorial

In this modern world, an uncompromised word is a Security. It is an essential factor in various fields. We are investing a huge amount of money in our security as for physical we use locks and doors, for health we go for the help of a doctor, and to protect the valuable things we add insurance on them. 

Likewise, a huge number of organizations from small scale to large-scale use cyberspace for their work and business. These organizations need highly skilled security engineers to make the protection from cybercriminals and cyber-attacks. A cyber security engineer is one of the best career paths to select if you are a computer and network enthusiast. 

Without any doubt, Cyber security is a good career path but it is not easy to enter that path easily but once you learned and have skills you will get a good career. A cyber security expert job is one of the highly responsible and stressful jobs, at the same time it rewards you the best. 

Responsibilities of Cyber security engineer

The responsibilities of each cyber security specialist will be different according to the organization and the experience you have in the area. Some of the common responsibilities are

  1. Analyze the Security vulnerabilities that may result in a security breach
  2. Keep the security mechanisms updated.
  3. Always monitor the network for malicious activity.
  4. Protect the computer and network devices from illegal access.
  5. Check and verify the firewall is intact and antivirus is updated and running.
  6. Prepare the security reports in specific intervals.
  7. Train the cyber security engineers.

Why learning cyber security is important

In this modern world, most of the activities are using cyberspace. Huge organizations are keeping all their sensitive information in cyberspace and the cloud. Even the common peoples use the internet for social media and even for payments. 

In this surge of cyber activities, there is a huge increase in cyber-attacks of different forms and methods. It is very important to know about cyber security to protect ourselves and it is important for organizations to hire cyber security experts for preventing cyber-attacks on them.

Learning about cyber security will not only be benefitting you to hide your sensitive data from illegal cybercriminals but also open a new and good career option to follow.

Skills needed for a cyber-security expert

  1. Good skill in mathematics
  2. Always have the presence of mind
  3. Ability to withstand unexpected situations
  4. High skill to work under pressure
  5. High skill in communication over a network
  6. Good knowledge about networks and threats
  7. Good knowledge about the hack methods and their tools
  8. Must have knowledge about systems, OS, network, and network protocols
  9. High problem-solving skills
  10. Knowledge in some programming languages
  11. Self-motivated critical thinker

Salary expectations for a cyber-security professional

The salary of a cyber-security expert depends on a lot of factors like the organization, the amount of information to protect, the experience you have, skills you have, the knowledge you have, and much more that is beyond our scope, but some general expectations about salary are in the range of $100000 per annum.

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